Contagious Love

The Most Comprehensive Online Dating Bootcamp EVER

From Single
to a Relationship you Deserve to be in,
in a Matter of Weeks.

You Deserve to Be Happy with your Dating Life

You Deserve to Find the Man of your Dreams & Stop Being Lonely

You Deserve a Successful and Fulfilling Relationship

Contagious Love Can Help You achieve all of this and more!

About Contagious Love

Let’s be real – It’s a Jungle out there. The dating game has well and truly evolved! Gone are the days when you could go for a night out, meet a sweet guy, and have your romantic-movie-like happy ending.
With technological advancements, more apps than your phone can keep up with, and an entire pandemic on our heels – if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, then you’re not the only one. But Hey, lucky for you – I got your back girl (always)!
This is why I created Contagious Love- My Online Dating Bootcamp, which promises to be the most comprehensive offering tailored around the world of dating and relationships.
But this course isn’t just about getting a guy to fall head over heels for you (which will happen too, trust me), it’s about self-discovery, self-love, and acquiring the respect you deserve, all while navigating the treacherous territory of finding Mr. Right.

I hope you’re as excited as I am because this could be the first day of the rest of your life!

What you will Learn

Contagious Love: Dating Bootcamp is for women who are dating, single AF,
or going through a break-up; you’ll learn:
My Superpower is helping women just like YOU avoid dating mistakes and help them have more fulfilling relationships with great guys that complement their journey of self-love and self-respect.

A Little Bit About Me

Wanna know about me, eh? Girl, you came to the right place because I’m an open book and don’t hold back – like my go-to style when I coach clients one-on-one.
I’m a certified dating & relationship coach, author, and speaker. I help women who feel stuck and stagnant build purpose and confidence in their break-ups, dating life & relationships. Basically, I’m your love-life cheerleader, here to watch you win at love at any stage in your relationship.

I’ve watched my clients get married, get over their ex/heartbreak, fall in love, get back in the dating world, and save their marriage. Nothing is off limits – from debunking the fear of “never finding love again” to effective communication saving your relationship. Anything that has to do with your heart (AKA love-life)…I’m your girl!


I have years of experience coaching hundreds of women in the dating game, which means I know what works and what doesn’t. Stop wasting time and resources on experimentation; leverage my experience to get it right the first time.

Enticing Bonuses

Contagious Love Online Dating Bootcamp comes chock-filled with enticing bonuses and special guest expert appearances that will BLOW you away. More on that as you continue to scroll below (don’t just leave yet!).

After Course Support

I’ll continue to cheer you on and support you even after our work together, plus you get unrestricted access to the course forever. Trust me when I say this – there is nothing that gives me more pleasure than seeing you thrive! 

Reviews and Testimonials

I have helped hundreds of women on a journey towards their ideal relationship. But don’t just take my word for it; hear what they’re saying:
"After my stagnant 8 year relationship ended, Carla helped me find my worthiness and open space for the relationship I now believe I deserve.”
Los Angeles, California
"When I spoke to Carla I was actually unsure as to what I was looking for, but soon to find out I was actually looking for someone to help me build my confidence with dating. While working with Carla I began to uncover blocks and began to build confidence to stand up for myself and realize what I actually wanted for myself in relationships. Carla gave me the tools I needed to live a more fulfilled life, love myself and narrow down what I actually want in a partner. I now have the confidence to make decisions based on what I want with dating and relationships. Plus, I definitely love myself more than ever now."
Jennifer E.
Jersey City, NJ
"Thanks to Carla's expertise in dating, I've met an amazing man and I'm in the best relationship ever!"
“Dating can be a lengthy, maze-like process that at times leaves me feeling drained, confused, hurt, & even jaded. It is during these very moments when I can definitely use a listening ear in order to receive feedback on how to approach dating from a healthy approach, boundary setting, and above all, how to listen to my intuition. Working with Carla has definitely been a plus with motivating me to find myself and not settle.”
Los Angeles, California
"Dating bootcamp is exactly what I needed to get myself back out there in the dating world!"
"I absolutely loved working with Carla! Before Carla, I was so jaded by my past relationship experiences that I completely shut down and stopped dating. I knew I wanted to meet a good man and I could only do so with the proper help! Carla really helped me to examine my thoughts around men and relationships. She helped me to get very clear on what I wanted in a relationship. It’s was such a great experience. Carla helped me to discover myself so that I would attract the right partner. And it worked!"
Donna-Marie W.
Jersey City, NJ

This would NOT be an Online Course if I didn't throw in a set of Amazing Bonuses right?

Plus, I have also included a Guide to Dating during the COVID-19 Pandemic!
It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that Girl. Cheerleader, here to watch you win at love at any stage in your relationship.

Not Convinced Yet?

Tough cookie aren't you?

Carla Romo has facilitated interactive workshops and talks for hundreds of women & men. Each workshop is personally customized to fit the needs of her client in corporatenon-profitwomen’s organizationsgovernment and schools.
Carla’s philosophy is that the most important relationship you have is with yourself and it sets the tone for every relationship you have in your life. For speaking availability & requests, please contact us by filling out the form below.