Contagious Love:

A Book by Carla Romo

“Contagious Love is a powerful narrative of self-love and self-worth that everybody can benefit from reading. It’s relatable, inspiring, and the perfect guide on how to break free from codependency in any relationship.” Melissa Hobley, Global Chief Marketing Officer at OkCupid
“When it comes to relationships it’s extremely hard to look deep inside and ask yourself what you need to change, but that’s exactly what Carla Romo does in her book Contagious Love. She healed herself before committing to healing others as a dating and relationship coach. Anyone who has ever been in any kind of toxic relationship, codependent or not, needs to read this book.” Kris Perelmutter, Author of Breakup Positive

The Book

In this gentle but perfect kick in the butt book, author and dating & relationship coach, Carla Romo, dishes out 12 chapters full of inspiring personal stories, relatable client stories, and go-to advice, with an occasional f-bomb. All this knowledge accompanied with a formula for breaking free from codependent relationships for helping you to:

  • Build successful intimate relationships
  • Communicate like a boss
  • Spot red flags in a relationship
  • Create relationship boundaries
  • Cultivate contagious self love

By the end of this book you’ll have easy but powerful AF action steps so you can break free from codependency for damn good.

The Author

Author Carla Romo is a speaker, podcast host of The Love Fix and a certified dating and relationship coach. At age 24, she hit her rock bottom with yet another toxic codependent relationship. But, this time, she got up and learned how to break free from codependency for damn good. Inspired by her own self-growth journey, she took lemons and made lemonade. Today she is helping other women who feel stuck and stagnant build purpose in their dating life, break-ups, and relationships.

Aside from her coaching business, her passion lies in being an activist for women’s equity & equality. Carla served as a public official on the West Hollywood Women’s Advisory Board working on California statewide and nationwide legislation. Before pivoting careers into the self-help coaching world, she cast and produced major TV network shows and produced a documentary called, “Luke & Jedi.”

Today, Carla coaches clients, leads worldwide workshops and is a highly sought-after motivational speaker helping people push through their BS (blind sides) to thrive in all areas of life. She has spoken to or been featured on Simon Business School, Milwaukee Bucks, Nissan BRAVO, Verizon, Bumble, Lifetime, as well as high rated iTunes Podcasts.

Carla Romo is here to spread the message—the most important relationship you will ever have is with your damn self.

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“Carla Romo gives her readers the green light to live fiercely, love themselves fearlessly and embrace their inner badass with Contagious Love.”

Shelby Daniel, Casting Producer for relationship series on FOX, TLC, & Netflix

“Romo guides her readers by shifting them out of codependency and toward tangible action steps to cultivate healthy, intimate relationships.”

Bruce D Schneider, Founder, iPEC Coaching and Author of Energy Leadership and Uncovering the Life of your Dreams

“..Carla Romo helps women become badass relationship navigators creating the right push to get them on the path to have successful relationships.”

Gina Ruccione, Podcast Host of A Series of Unfortunate Dates

“Contagious Love is the roadmap to thriving relationships!”

Christen Chambers, Fortune 500 Executive