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1:1 No BS (Blind Sides) Dating & Relationship Coaching Program

As a Professional Certified Coach, I’ve helped close to 1,000 single women and men create a successful love-life. Through my proven strategy I’ve guided clients through every step: single, dating, engaged to happily married. I coach anything from terrible dates to getting over a breakup to toxic relationship patterns. There’s no love obstacle too small or too great we can’t tackle…trust me, I’ve seen it all. 

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“I started working with Carla when my self-worth and confidence was at an all-time low, if not non-existent, and because of that, my relationships and my work suffered. Carla helped me realize that “I am worthy” and gave me the tools to overcome those negative thoughts. It is not an overstatement to say that my life has improved significantly since I started with Carla. I now have a job that I love, a relationship that has tremendously improved, and perhaps most importantly, self-confidence. If you are struggling, Carla’s your girl.”
Brittany M.
Morgantown, WV
“I came to Carla after a bad break-up and I was on a journey of self help. She encourages self exploration, and within minutes I was diving deep into my inner strengths. Carla is not only motivating, she is real. The thing that stuck with me most was that she has the rare ability to help you find the answers that already lie within yourself and push you in the direction of self healing.”
Emma R.
Nashville, TN
“I couldn’t help but immediately notice Carla’s passion for relationship coaching, charisma in public speaking, and heart as a human. When Carla coached me on a serious issue that had been eating away at me, she was non-judgmental, warm, and an empathetic listener. She is great at following you through any relationship issues and toward a life of discovery and self-love. If those are the results you seek (because relationships ain’t easy), then what Carla has in store for you is life-changing. Carla’s been through it all and has the scars to show it. I highly recommend working with this wise warrior woman.”
Holly S.
Sylmar, CA
"I absolutely enjoyed every moment of working with Carla. I initially came to her because I wanted to improve my relationship, but ended up working on so many other areas of my life, including my business. Since working with Carla, my relationship has tremendously improved and is now better than it has been in the last 5 years. On top of that I now have a more clear direction of where I am going with my business and have learned some amazing ways to deal with challenges when they arise. I highly recommend working with Carla!”
I can truly say that no matter where you are in your dating journey, working with Carla will be an excellent investment! She helped me find even more strength and confidence in myself, the right mindset where I can pursue what I want while being comfortable in my own skin, and suggestions/tools to navigate through the hardships that come with dating. I can actively use Carla's lessons and reminders in all facets of my life and in my relationships. Carla is also super compassionate and a wonderful person to talk with.
Philadelphia, PA
"I absolutely loved working with Carla! Before Carla, I was so jaded by my past relationship experiences that I completely shut down and stopped dating. I knew I wanted to meet a good man and I could only do so with the proper help! Carla really helped me to examine my thoughts around men and relationships. She helped me to get very clear on what I wanted in a relationship. It’s was such a great experience. Carla helped me to discover myself so that I would attract the right partner. And it worked!"
Donna-Marie W.
Jersey City, NJ
“Dating can be a lengthy, maze-like process that at times leaves me feeling drained, confused, hurt, & even jaded. It is during these very moments when I can definitely use a listening ear in order to receive feedback on how to approach dating from a healthy approach, boundary setting, and above all, how to listen to my intuition. Working with Carla has definitely been a plus with motivating me to find myself and not settle.”
Los Angeles, CA
“I had the pleasure of working with Carla not only in my relationships, but my business as well! She was the first coach I ever invested in for myself and I have grown so immensely since! Carla is 100% the best cheerleader, by my side, helping me navigate through life! It's never just about the guy, Carla taught me that showing up for myself, fully loving and accepting myself will level up every aspect of my life, and the love/partner/romance is the cherry on top! Thank you so much Carla for always cheering me on and showing me what is possible!”
Jessica W.
Orange County, CA
“The amount of progress and growth that I experienced is evident when I compare my first to last session with Carla. She truly helped me uncover the strength and confidence within me all along to the point that I wonder why I ever questioned my self-worth or fed into self-doubt in the first place. I can actively use and apply it to my life and relationships which is everything I wanted and more. Working with Carla was definitely one of the best investments that I have made and the lessons I learned are priceless.”
San Diego, CA
"Having the opportunity to work with Carla has been a tremendous blessing in my life. I first discovered Carla by listening to her podcast, then I decided to work with her individually, and I am so glad I did. I initially sought Carla out to help me navigate a romantic relationship, but that eventually led to working on growing in all areas of my life, including career aspirations, educational goals, and even spirituality. I am glad I had Carla’s guidance and support as I navigated a season of change and self-discovery. I am tremendously grateful for Carla. I highly recommend working with her for life and relationship coaching.”
Kate H
Dallas, TX
I began working with Carla while I was navigating dating and quickly experienced her invaluable skills. She helped me discover my attachment style, the dating red flags, how to navigate dating apps and to learn to be happy with myself as opposed to putting the ownership of my happiness on my future partner. Working with Carla is a must and I’m saving her a seat to my future wedding!
San Francisco, CA