3 Ways: Slowing Down = Success

Being constantly on the “go” = Exhausting AF! And it’s not sustainable.  When I started my coaching and speaking business years ago, I learned the hard way that something had to change in my environment.  

I was surrounded by the “get rich quick coaching ads” and wondering what I was doing wrong.  I kept seeing toxic quotes about “work hard no play” as an entrepreneur that just didn’t vibe with my lifestyle.  So I silenced the noise, worked smarter not harder, and created a successful business that aligns with my meaning and purpose in life.  

When you’re trying to follow a goal whether it be starting your business, having a successful relationship, changing careers, moving states, etc….it can sometimes feel confusing.  Which is why I created…

3 Ways to Slow Down to Create Success

One. Strategize… Rome wasn’t build in a day and neither was your goal. You need to get clear on your end goal. Like super clear. Once you have that vision, it’s time to realistically create weekly goals and monthly goals. From there it’s vital to break down each daily and weekly tasks. The key isn’t to get your goal tomorrow, it’s to get your goal and it be sustainable.  

Two. Get quiet… Getting quiet can mean meditation, TAKING TIME OFF (this is a big one), getting off social media, not discussing your goal with people who don’t support it, etc. I want you to think right now, what makes you feel anxious or second guess yourself about this? If you said yourself, well that’s normal but let’s go beyond that. Whatever “it is” that doesn’t give you mental support needs to be put on mute so you can get clear. 

Three. Readjust… My clients are rockstars at readjusting. This is what creates resilience. Those not willing to do this will try and push through things that will continue to bring them to a dead end. Readjusting might feel like a set back because you need to pause and evaluate what needs to change. However, it’s the sundae cherry (side note: yum) to truly accomplishing what you want.  

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