Easy 3 Steps to Create Your Mantra

We all love a good pep talk that energizes us, but what if we got really good at giving ourselves that pep talk AND believing in it? The truth is, you can! 

Research shows you can re-wire your brain with the way you talk to yourself. Yay, research! We act subconsciously on the thoughts that we tell ourselves. In these studies it showed that if someone told themselves a reframed mantra daily that they would begin to believe it. 

Maybe you’re like, cool story Carla but I don’t even know where to begin….Well, I’ve got you!  That’s why I created…

Easy Steps to Create Your Mantra

One. Figure out what you don’t want What have you been telling yourself when you feel down, frustrated or upset with yourself? Write this down on paper. 

Ex: I am not worthy of (love, my career, family, etc.). 

Two. Reframe Now it’s time to put into action a little reframing. This part might feel uncomfortable or hard – and for some it might feel damn near impossible. The goal is to reframe into something that is rooting for you. I strongly suggest coming up with one reframe and then rearranging/reframing it twice. Pick the one that sticks out most to you. 

Ex: I am worthy of (love, my career, family, etc.).I am deserving of (love, my career, family, etc.).I am currently ready for (love, my career, family, etc.). 

Three. Practice makes…rewiring! Now it’s time to stay discipline. If you’re hesitant think of it this way…you’re already telling yourself that go-to negative mantra that just puts ya down. So what difference does it make if you choose a different one? Ok but truth is it’ll make a huge difference. Find one way to practice this daily. 

 Ex: Setting an alarm every day at 8 am to say: I am currently ready for (love, my career, family, etc.). 

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