4 Ways Burnout Harms Relationships

I’m so exhaustedI just need to get to FridayI’m using this weekend to sleep… Ever uttered these words above before? 

I’m totally guilty. Before I started my life coaching and speaking business I worked in TV.  And when I say “worked”…I overworked myself into burnout a few too many times.  I made a promise to myself starting this business that I would not hit burnout. 

Years later, that promise has been kept.  The truth with burnout is that we don’t know we’re headed there sometimes until we’re there because the BS (blind sides) we tell ourselves keep us going.  

BS you might have said:“I need to prove myself”“I am not worthy until I get XYZ”“I’ll be happy when XYZ”… But here’s the thing. It doesn’t just affect you, it can greatly impact your relationship.  

4 Ways Burnout Harms Relationships:

Lack of balance

Every relationship needs balance. However, when you or your partner is too busy then there isn’t much space for emotional intimacy. Balance allows time to connect with your partner and communicate with one another. If there isn’t time or space to do this then distance is created.  

Prioritizing others

Look, you’re not always going to be able to prioritize your partner. Although, if the lack of prioritizing is coming from burnout then it can neglect the needs of you, your partner and the relationship. If the needs are not prioritized then a foundation of trust within the relationship is at stake. 

Less energy

Going on dates and spending quality time is important for every relationship. If you or your partner is experiencing burnout then there won’t be much to bring to that time together. This can make the connection between two people begin to die out.  


Every healthy relationship has boundaries. It needs to start internally in order for the external to be upheld. Usually when someone has burnout they don’t have boundaries around what caused it. As a result, this harms a relationship and creeps into enmeshment.  

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