Sherry Gaba and Carla Romo

Love doesn’t have to suck. Your hosts Carla (me!) and Sherry Gaba know this from overcoming our own dating and relationship horror stories, which led us to being experts in healing from codependency, dating and toxic relationships. Our 30 year age difference brings you an array of perspectives at any stage in life. If you’re dating, in a relationship or divorced, we’ve got your back. With leading experts, you’ll learn the latest tools on how to navigate dating and how to thrive in a successful relationship.

What People Are Saying...

Loving it!
"This podcast is so real and relatable. I am learning and growing as a person just from listening to this podcast. I highly recommend!”
Life changing and transform my mindset
"This podcast is amazing and I cry as I write this because I feel so grateful for it. Thank you and i tell everyone about it!!”
Amazing advice!
"Seriously amazing! Love this podcast, first podcast ever listened to and looooove!"
relatable and helpful
“I love that the hosts have a 30 year difference in age, it really helps resonate with people of all ages and experiences. Every episode is so relatable as a woman in dating and the conversations surrounding it really helps you gain perspective and knowledge”
Timely Topics
"Thank you Carla for bringing us timely dating topics! The discussion format is like listening to girlfriends talking. Boundaries, don’t paint red flags green, become the picker, wow, way to empower women!”