In 3 Steps: Turn Difficult Situations into Positivity

Sometimes when we are going through a difficult situation we see no send in sight. Like, what light at the end of the tunnel? 

When we feel stuck sometimes we can only think of the negatives.  We start to have what I call trapped door thoughts…“I don’t know if I’ll ever get through this”…“It’s all messed up and can’t be fixed”“I’m a failure”…etc. 

The truth is that we all go through really hard things in life but we’re all still here because we made it through.  It only takes your second thought (not your first) to change your trapped door thinking.  Which is why I created…

Turn Difficult Situations into Positivity in 60 Seconds:

Step one.  Put your difficult situation aside. Think of a time that you thought you couldn’t get through a really difficult situation but you did. 

Step two. Take a mental note of what helped you get through that time. 

Step three. Tell yourself right now: If I could get through that time in the past, then I can get through this time now. The key is to practice this new thought when you start to have trapped door thoughts. Don’t like this thought? Come up with one that works for you! 

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